Wacky winds blow over regatta

Sailing: Voss and other skippers deal with odd conditions.

By Rick Roberts, Special to the Press-Telegram Article Launched: 02/18/2007 11:58:28 PM PST

LONG BEACH – “Nice regatta,” David Voss skipper of Piranha and winner of the Farr 40 class said after Sunday’s races of the Midwinter Regatta. “We kind of got a little bit of everything.”

Voss was referring to the weather which between Saturday and Sunday was, to say the least, different.

At the start of the first race on Saturday, the usual 5-8 knot southeasterly breeze that blows across Long Beach bay was replaced by a strong 8-11 knot northwesterly Santa Ana condition.

However, before the second of three races could be started, the wind died with light puffs coming from the traditional wind direction. By the end of the third race, the wind was its normal self, coming in from the southwest at about 5 knots.

Sunday dawned with strong winds coming from the south at 8-11 knots. By the end of the final race the wind was blowing at close to 18 knots.

When asked if the strong winds were ever a problem, Voss replied, “No, not at all. The boat was just awesome. Twenty-one (knots) is when these boats start getting fun. They’re very stable. The faster they go the more fun they are.”

Ray Godwin and Temptress chased Piranha and was close on its transom both days.

“We came around the last race. We were last off the start, so we had to work hard to catch up,” Godwin said.