Another distance race – the annual Del Rey YC Malibu and Return to Marina del Rey – another victory for Far Niente.  Conditions were less than stellar with a peak of about 5 knots of wind on the way up to Malibu and a huge hole around the weather mark, but the eleven mile run home developed into a nice nine knots of wind and it sure was great to have the new masthead kits providing extra horsepower!  The four Farr 40’s (Piranha, Temptress and White Knight) were lumped into PHRF AA with sleds rating a minute and a half a mile faster, but Far Niente won both Farr 40 bragging rights and PHRF too as a result of the restart in Malibu in which we all sailed right up to the sleds that were drifting near the mark.    Next up – Midwinters!