I was sworn to secrecy until it was a done deal, so I’m very pleased to announce another Farr 40 moving to California.  The ex-Victrix from the Great Lakes has been purchased by former Express 27 National Champions Mike Devries and Tony Pohl and will be renamed Twisted.

“A little background on us – Tony Pohl and I have been sailing together for about 20 years, first on his Olson 30 and Melges 24, later on my Express 27 and most recently on our Synergy 1000 Summer Moon.  We currently own a Moore 24 for kicks but are really looking forward to getting back into the open water on a big, fast boat.  We are both active, lifelong sailors.  We’ve been quite successful in our programs so I’m confident we will find the Farr fleet to be a very humbling experience. “

Twisted is in the back of the shed avoiding the winter blizzards blocked in by a whole bunch of other boats, so unfortunately, she will not get out here until April.  After a short stint in San Francisco, she will come South via the Encinal YC Coastal Cup and participate in fleet racing starting at our Fleet Championship Regatta – Long Beach Race Week.

You can learn more about the new boat at http://sites.google.com/site/twistedfarr40/

With Twisted, the West Coast Farr 40 Fleet will see at least 10 active boats racing in Southern California this season and a one design fleet for Big Boat Series in San Francisco.  2009 will also see the fleet switching to the much larger masthead spinnakers which promise to make the boats even more fun.  There are a few other owners potentially joining the fun so stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!