Four Farr 40’s raced as a one-design class in the inaugural “Border Run” ( and were rewarded with a fast race and an early finish!  In fact, SDYC’s bar remained open long enough for us to enjoy several rounds at the dock before checking into our hotels.  The new race consisted of an 11:05am start off the entrance to Newport Harbor heading south and rounding North Coronado Island (MX) to port and finishing at Zuniga Jetty near

the entrance to San Diego for a 90 mile race course.  Ohana, Radical Departure III, Far Niente and Piranha started the race with RDIII having the best start with speed and the favored offshore end of the line.  RDIII continued on the high road slightly above rhumb line while Piranha and Far Niente went slightly low of rhumb line with Code Zero’s flying.  Weather routing showed the likelihood of a persistent lift and breeze building through the afternoon – and for once the forecast was correct (it wasn’t evenclose the last two years!).  A duel went on with Piranha and Far Niente for hours with Piranha eventually able to roll over Far Niente and hold the position several boatlengths ahead and to weather.  Eventually Far Niente went high with the CZ while Piranha went lower with the 1S chute confident of the lift to come.  With 9-12 knots of wind and a half know of following current, the boats chewed up the miles quickly and we were all past Point Loma heading South well before dark.  Piranha’s strategy paid off as we all approached the island and the outside boats had to work down on the lift while Piranha had a hot angle into the island and led by about a mile and a half.  The island turned out to be interesting tactically as one had to figure out the best way around the wind shadow in the lee.  But from there it was straight shot to the barn and Piranha won by almost a half hour over Far Niente and RDIII who were only separated by five minutes at the finish.

We had a great time and were happy to be sleeping in beds after a nice evening in SD.  The bands and party at SDYC the next day were great and Piranha was happy to receive the perpetual trophy given for the first time to the winner of the Farr 40 fleet.