In a dramatic come from behind victory, Piranha won Fiesta Cup after being over early in the last, one lap, race only to make the right moves and win the race. Tough sailing conditions were trying on Saturday as the racers seldom even saw five knots of wind in the humid air left over from a hurricane that crossed over Mexico. Amazingly for such horribly light and fluky conditions, race one saw Piranha win but all four of the other boats finish within but a few seconds. Temptress was the leader after day one, winning the last race by passing Piranha downwind and then surviving a flurry of jibes less than a boat length apart in the last 50 yards. With so little wind, there was every possibility that might have ended the regatta with Temptress winning the tie breaker. The fleet enjoyed a nice dock party with Mojitos and appetizers to end the day.

Fortunately after a brief postponement, the wind gods cooperated on Sunday with 7-10 knots of wind and flat water. Piranha nailed the start at the committee boat and tacked on Temptress as she tried to get right forcing Temptress into last – but not for long as Temptress had a nice comeback to salvage a third and keep hopes alive for a regatta win while Skian Dhu pushed for a well earned second. Race four again saw Piranha leading Temptress at the weather mark, and again Temptress passed on the downwind to take a lead they never let go while Skian Dhu was breathing down Piranha’s neck for third.

With that it all came down to the last race with only one point separating Piranha ahead of Temptress, but a tie would give the win to Temptress if they took first or second in the last race. The committee seeing it get late in the day gave the signal for a windward/finish one lap race. Piranha took Temptress up at the start, but miscalculated and both boats were over early! Temptress’ number was called first and after restarting, Piranha was looking at a four boat length deficit to Temptress and more to everyone else. Good speed and a fortunate shift at the weather mark put Piranha ahead with Temptress overlapped to leeward coming out of the weather mark but with both boats still in 4th and 5th. Finally the wind filled in during the run to 9+ knots and Piranha was able to work down and away and get by the other three boats who were on the other side of the course – but just barely. The five boats all finished within two boat lengths of each other with Piranha pulling off the seemingly impossible win.

Pos Boat Name Owner Club Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Race #4 Race #5 Total
1 Piranha David Voss CYC 1 2 1 2 1 7
2 Temptress Ray Godwin LBYC 2 1 3 1 5 12
3 Skian Dhu Dirk Freeland SBYC 3 4 2 3 4 16
4 Far Niente Frederic Scheer CYC 4 3 4 4 3 18
5 White Knight Zoltan Katinsky CBYC 5 5 5 5 2 22