With forecasts showing (accurately) that there would be little to no wind overnight, Piranha and Far Niente switched to the 70 mile short course. Piranha chose the big kites and Far Niente the small ones including asymmetricals. To quote JAG – “Go big or go home!” Far Niente led Piranha over the starting line, but Piranha passed F.N. during a sail change and pulled about a mile lead in the light wind with occasional holes. The wind slowly built to a nice 10-12 knot close reach down the coast with spinnaker and staysail. Routing showed that the low road was important as we could expect the wind to go lighter and lift approaching Point Loma before dark. Piranha and FT10 Anarchy stayed on that line and it paid off for both with the FT10 reveling in the reaching conditions with assymmetrical and sprit. The three miles from SD Racon to the finish were very light and SC70’s and TP 52’s could be seen as shadows looming on a line below us coming in off the 21 mile longer long course. We finished at 9:42pm and waited at the finish to see if we saved time to claim a complete sweep – first to finish, first in class and first in fleet. Alas we saw the FT10 emerge from the darkness with plenty of time on us so we had to settle for second overall to go with the other two honors and hour corrected time over anybody else. Turns out that somehow, F.N. cut the corner and missed the turning mark, which ruined what would have been a second in class finish and Frederic honorably withdrew upon realizing the mistake. All in all it was a great day of sailing topped off with cocktails in the SDYC bar before closing. I highly recommend it!