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West Coast Farr 40 Fleet
Upwind 2011 North Americans Downwind Upwind Beating Beating Birdseye Upwind Starting Downwind Downwind 2011 North Americans
1st place photo

CYC Midwinter Results Posted (2/18-2/19/2012)

The Farr 40 Midwinter Championship was sailed on Santa Monica Bay in spectacular conditions for February, mostly in SW breeze varying in direction and speed from around 8 – 15 ...

SCYA Midwinter Regatta – Watch it Live!!

This weekend SCYA Midwinter Regatta out of California Yacht Club will be updating live from the Farr 40 race course. Watch the racing progress from our twitter and facebook feeds!

2012 High Point Championship Series NOR Now Available

The 2012 West Coast Farr 40 fleet High Point Championship Series Notice of Race has now been finalized. Click below to download a copy. >>2012 West Coast Farr 40 High ...


North Sails Farr 40 Clinic

When: February 4, 2012 Where: Long Beach Yacht Club North Sails will once again be hosting a clinic for the West Coast Farr 40 Fleet. The format will be very ...


2012 Farr 40 Worlds to be held in Chicago, IL

The 2012 Rolex Farr 40 Worlds will be held September 17 to 20 in Chicago, IL.  Attached is a list of the 2012 Farr 40 USA Circuit regattas, leading up ...

New High Point Schedule has Been Determined

The 2012 High Point Schedule has been determined.

Owners Meeting

The owners meeting was held on Friday October 14 at 7PM at Long Beach Yacht Club. It was well attended and the new Executive Board for 2012 was decided: President-Jeff ...

Campbell Cup Race Results

dana point

Dana Point Audi Cup Results

Fiesta Cup Results