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The reason why some people have difficult recoveries from bunion surgery, and therefore why the procedure sometimes can have a poor reputation, is not due to the surgery itself, or the skill of the surgeon. In most cases, difficult bunion recoveries are due mainly to too much activity following the surgery. In many other types of surgery, such as abdominal or pelvic surgery, one usually feels lousy as a whole for the time following the surgery. With foot surgery, the rest of the body feels normal while the foot itself feels uncomfortable. In this situation, many people are tempted to resume some of their normal routine and activity level a few days to a week following surgery. Unfortunately, this activity will directly lead to more inflammation of the foot, and therefore more pain. This heightened level of inflammation, spurred on by gravity pushing fluid into the foot and by the strain of foot motion and the weight of the body, will often persist for several weeks following the procedure, and can lead to delayed healing of the bone. Once this process starts, it is difficult to reverse it without complete activity rest. This ultimately can lead to a difficult recovery process, and therefore to a bad reputation of the procedure. If one carefully follows their surgeon s instructions, the likelihood of this recovery difficulty is significantly lessened. To be certain, bunion surgery, like all other surgery, can have potential complications. These include infection, nerve damage, scar tissue, reduction of big toe joint motion, and chronic swelling. These can also be a source of pain following surgery, and can delay the healing. However, the vast majority of bunion procedures do not have these complications. If one smokes, the healing of the bone will be delayed due to the chemicals in tobacco smoke. Smokers do tend to have more recovery problems than non-smokers, so this must be kept in mind when considering bunion surgery. Most surgeons recommend smoking cessation during the recovery process, especially if there are other health problems present.

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West Coast Farr 40 Fleet
Upwind 2011 North Americans Downwind Upwind Beating Beating Birdseye Upwind Starting Downwind Downwind 2011 North Americans
CYC New Logo(154x85)

2013 CYC Midwinters Race Results


2013 Farr 40 Race Clinic Pictures


North Sails Farr 40 Clinic

When: Saturday February 9th, 2013 Where: Long Beach Yacht Club

Dark Star - Jeff with Team holding 1st Place 2012 Hi Point Championship Trophy.

2012 West Coast High Point Champion and other Winners

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 12.49.08 PM

Campbell Cup 2012 Race Results


JoAnn Claims Victory at Fiesta Cup with Perfect Sunday: Fiesta Cup 2012 Race Results

Steve Murphy’s JoAnn posted two bullets in Sunday’s two races to be the only boat to win two races and came from behind to take the victory in a tiebreaker ...


Long Beach Race Week & Farr 40 West Coast Championship: Jeff Janov’s Dark Star Dominates a Competitive Fleet

LONG BEACH, CA (June 24, 2012) – Over three days of racing at the annual regional favorite regatta, Long Beach Race Week, Jeff Janov’s Dark Star of Cal Yacht Club ...

Viva la vida

Cal Race Week 2012 Race Report and Results

Congratulations to Viva La Vida who took first place by a tiebreaker.  Viva La Vida and Dark Star were battling each other both days to a tie with 10 points ...


Yachting Cup 2012 Report and Race Results

The second stop on the 2012 Farr 40 West Coast Championship schedule was this past weekend at the SDYC Yachting Cup.  There were eight very competitive teams on the line ...


Yachting Cup Starts Tomorrow!

Yachting cup starts this weekend, marking the second high point regatta of the season. We’re expected to have a big turn out with at least 10 boats signed up for ...