Ohana ended up beating Temptress by only eight minutes in the slowest Ensenada Race in history and finished just after 2pm. Ohana’s corrected time was actually 4th overall for the entire PHRF fleet racing and second in class. Great race guys!

The strategy from the winning boat: “We left the start, stayed tight on starboard but focused on rhumline to the Coronados…as the wind backed we shifted to the jibtop taking us back to a course to the islands….we took them to starboard by 2 miles, continued on a course to the finish….along the beach…found a spotty offshore flow at first that filled in from behind enough for a chute(25miles to go)…..With 15 miles to go we spotted Ray (Temptress) about 2 miles back….so my hope was we could stay between him and the finish….we were able to do it , but he was closing on us quickly…if the race was 5 more miles he would have…..Tosh”