Three Farr 40’s headed offshore for this 700 mile race – Piranha, Temptress and Far Niente. Piranha and Temptress went in traditional masthead trim while Far Niente tried out going with asymmetrical masthead kites in the believe that they would rate better under PHRF and ORR. For the first 12 hours of the race tight reaching under code zeros for Temptress and Piranha and double head rig for Far Niente we joked that on the race tracker we must have all been so close together we looked like one dot!

We had a great race topped off by a whole night of massive surfing in 22-27 knots of wind. I was truly amazed at how well the rudder works in the big breeze to keep you from rounding up. Whales (blue and grey), sea turtles, sea lions, flying fish, albatross and lots of porpoises graced our trip south. Big kites beat little ones and staying out was better than staying in. We all saw the dreaded 0.00 but, we also saw 17.4 before we think the speedo came out of the water. Tired? Well, yes. But I guarantee you that I will long remember the 4 ½ days sailing with friends before I will remember any day in the office this March!

Piranha finished 5th overall out of 35 boats in fleet.

Position  Boat  Finish Time  Corrected Time  Delta (Corrected)
5th  Piranha  4 days/17 hours/5 minutes  86:10:14   
17th  Temptress  5 days/2 hours/27minutes  93:18:58  +7:08:44 
24th  Far Niente  5 days/8 hours/2 minutes  94:52:32  +8:42:18 

In addition to bragging rights amongst the Farr 40’s we were happy to hear we had been awarded the Sportsmanship trophy for our double pitcher greeting of Temptress at the dock. We can assure you that all the teams were on their best behavior during their time in Cabo and represented the fleet very well!

Given the conclusion of our 2007 Cabo experience resulting in the boat being wrecked on a beach north of Cabo (story here if you haven’t heard it) I am pleased to say Piranha 4 made it home safe and sound!

(By the way, the first Islands Race from LB around Catalina and San Clemente was fun too with winds up to 24 knots.)