Number eleven comes to SoCal.  Wow!  Even in the midst of the recession, the West Coast Farr 40’s are just getting stronger all the time!

Latest to join the West Coast Farr 40 Fleet will be Chayah owned by Oscar Krinsky.  Oscar’s most recent boat was the highly successful 1D48 of the same name.  The boat is the former Warpath, hull #106, and is expected to be launched next Wednesday in San Diego and be based out of Long Beach.  Oscar plans to race the entire Fleet Championship circuit as well as the Border Run.

Chayah is the 11th active boat in Southern California – with two more boats in SF, one in Vancouver and another two in Puerto Vallarta for a total of sixteen boats racing on the West Coast. 

On a separate note, we are focused on dock side social activities for 2010 so plan to continue to enjoy the camaraderie of the fleet and the company of the new crews next year!  You can also expect to see one or two new clinic opportunities and some post-race debriefs.

There are more potential owners looking at boats (one came down from SF to look at Warpath last weekend before Oscar bought it), so I don’t think this will be the last announcement we make for 2010!  Pass the word, our fleet is the place to be for racing in SoCal in 2010!