2013 Governance

President-Jeff Janov
Vice President-Steve Murphy
Chief Financial Officer-Zoltan Katinszky
Secretary-Jeff Shew
Measurer-Gordon Leon



1.1. A member is any Farr 40 registered owner whose dues are current and is in good standing with the Farr 40 West Coast Fleet (Fleet) and agrees to follow the Fleet and Farr 40 Class Association Rules (Class).


2.1. Changes to the Fleet Rules can only be made by a simple majority vote of the current Fleet Members (see 3. VOTING).

2.2. The Farr 40 Class Association Corinthian Rules will be used.

2.2.1. Only two (2) professional (Group 3) crew members are allowed onboard.

2.2.2. Only three (3) new sails per calendar year that must be buttoned are allowed.

2.2.3. All sails used for the Hi Point Championship must be buttoned.

2.2.4. Fleet Sponsored Events – Races so designated by the Fleet are ones in which we expect a number of Farr 40’s to race, but be competing within a handicap rating class. For events so designated, Farr 40’s must comply with local rules. Examples have included PHRF Championships and Rolex Big Boat Series.


3.1. Voting shall be by simple majority vote of the Fleet Members or Member proxy with one (1) vote per boat.


4.1. A Member who has an extreme disability may petition the Executive Committee for an exception of the owner/driver rule designating an alternative helmsman.

4.2. In the event such petition is granted, the Member shall be onboard whenever health permits and shall be the yacht’s 11th person and shall be limited to the restrictions therein regarding participation except he/she may serve as a helmsman for brief periods and may, on limited occasion, participate in sailing the yacht.

4.3. In considering approval of the proposed alternative helmsman, the Executive Committee shall consider the impact on the Fleet first and foremost with consideration for that yacht not gaining any unfair advantage by virtue of the proposed alternate helmsman.

4.4. Family members and longtime members of the crew are strongly preferred as potential alternative helmsmen.

4.5. Decisions of the Executive Committee are final and may not be appealed.


5.1. In any race which is over 10 miles in length (whether One Design or handicap rules), the following Fleet Rules shall be modified:

5.1.1. There shall be no limit on the number of spinnakers onboard;

5.1.2. Fractional hoist “Code Zero,” jib top and staysails shall be expressly permitted;

5.1.3. There shall be no limit on number or weight of crew;

5.1.4. Masthead asymmetrical spinnakers are allowed.


6.1. Championship regattas, Fleet sponsored events and distance races, advertising shall be permitted on the sails, hull, and personal equipment/clothing to the fullest extent permitted by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), Appendix 20, and shall not be subject to the restrictions of Class Rule 36.


7.1. A yacht may carry one (1) additional person above the crew weight for all championship regattas.

7.2. The additional crewmember must be preapproved by the Fleet President at least three (3) days prior to the first race.

7.3. The additional crewmember:

7.3.1. Must sit behind both the helmsman and tactician;

7.3.2. Is not allowed to hike, assist in any maneuvers or contribute to the performance of the yacht while racing.

7.4. The additional crew member must be submitted on a Crew Declaration Form.

7.5. The intent of this rule is to allow spouses, significant others, potential buyers, sponsors or children to sail on the yacht to see what it is all about.


8.1. There will be an annual Hi Point Championship Series made up of scheduled regattas as determined the Members at the Annual Meeting.

8.2. Scoring will be the Racing Rules Of Sailing (RRS) Hi Point Scoring System scoring each yacht in its final position in each individual regatta with no throw-outs.

8.3. The Crew Declaration Form must be received by the Measure 48 hours prior to the first day of a regatta. The Sail Declaration Form is due 24 hours prior to a regatta.

8.4. The overall winner of the Hi Point Championship Series will be awarded the”Farr 40 West Coast Fleet Championship Perpetual Trophy.”

8.5. Weigh-ins will only be required at the first Hi Point Championship Series regatta of a year in which a yacht races.

8.5.1. Any new crew member joining a yacht after the first regatta must be weighed in at that next regatta prior to the first race.

8.5.2. Any crew member can be weighed in again at a future regatta at his/her option.

8.6. RRS 44 – Penalties for breaking rules of Part 2 is modified such that a yacht that may have broken a rule of Part 2 while racing may take a penalty by either:

8.6.1. Making one (1) complete 360 degree turn, including one (1) tack and one (1) gybe that, in all other respects, complies with RRS 44.2; or

8.6.2. By taking a 20% scoring penalty in compliance with RRS 44.3.

8.6.3. However, if a boat breaks a rule of Part 2 within the three-length zone of any rounding marks, its penalty shall either be: A 720 degree penalty turn in compliance with RRS 44.2; or A 40% scoring penalty in compliance with RRS 44.3.

8.6.4. Scoring Penalties Minimums: A 20% scoring penalty shall not equal less than two (2) places. A 40% scoring penalty shall not equal less than four (4) places.

8.7. No protest may be filed unless the Member of the protesting yacht participates in mediation in which the Member of the protested yacht is given the opportunity to participate. Members of the Executive Committee shall serve as mediators.

8.8. The penalty for any infringement of the Class Rules, Fleet Rules or Offshore Racing Council (ORC) regulations is to be at the sole discretion of an International Jury or Protest Committee once racing commences, in consultation with the Executive Committee.


9.1. There will be an annual Farr 40 West Coast Championship Regatta.

9.2. The Members at the Annual Meeting will select the regatta for the following year.

9.3. The winner of the Farr 40 West Coast Championship will be awarded the “Farr 40 West Coast Championship Perpetual Trophy.”


10.1. All yachts shall be in the water floating on their waterline at all times other than when having the bottom maintained or repair work done which requires pulling the yacht out of the water.

10.2. During such maintenance or repair, the yacht shall be out of the water only for that period of time reasonably necessary to do said work.

10.3. Except with special permission of the Executive Committee, yachts must always be in the water a minimum of five (5) consecutive complete calendar days prior to an event except when being transported between regattas. The timing of the 5 days begins at 00:01(12:01 AM) of the fifth consecutive day before the regatta.


11.1. Skian Dhu’s kelp cutter must be sealed so that it is rendered unusable while racing in Fleet, but will allow otherwise class legal yacht to participate.

11.2. MAKO owner’s weight (Don Michaelis) is not used in calculating crew weight when he is onboard.

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