Wow! Three for three in 2008! With a win in this weekend’s Santa Barbara to King Harbor race, Far Niente wins the triple crown of distance racing with wins in Malibu and Return to start the year and Newport to Ensenada as well. This win was by a tighter margin with nine minutes in hand over Woolly Bully and another two minutes to Piranha. Far Niente had the early lead in the super light beating conditions of the first few hours as first boat to squeak between the oil islands in a nice shaft of breeze. But at the island it was Woolly Bully, Temptress and Far Niente all together with Piranha and White Knight who chose to make early tacks looking for breeze losing out and trailing by a mile. Piranha chose to rip across windy lane to the usual shift off Pt. Dume while the lead three sailed VMG to the mark. Wind piped up to 26 for awhile making for fun planing conditions and 14 knots boatspeed. The pleasant surprise of the race was the wind staying solid after sunset. We saw at least 15 true for more than an hour after dark and over ten until about 9:30. Played a fun game of leap frog with Woolly Bully rolling Piranha, Piranha returning the favor and Woolly Bully taking it back again all in the last mile of the race as the wind went to close to zip and way forward. Even three boat lengths away it was so dark we could barely tell who it was but I could sure hear somebody working the sheet on the winch drum all the way. Frankly, we have no idea where Far Niente came from even though we were only going less than a knot at the finish and were only 11 minutes behind them. Perhaps someone can send story and photos from the winning team???

1 13 Farniente 37 Frederic Scheer 12 23:28:37 11:18:37 11:02:25 CYC Farr 40

2 23 Wooly Bully 40033 Zambriskie / Breen 12 23:39:01 11:29:01 11:12:49 KHYC Farr 40

3 27 Pirahna 51483 David Voss 12 23:41:37 11:31:37 11:15:25 CYC Farr 40

4 48 White Knight 888 Zoltan Katinzky 12 0:20:48 12:10:48 11:54:36 CBYC Farr 40

5 64 Temptress 40050 Ray Godwin 12 2:09:10 13:59:10 13:42:58 LBYC Farr 40