Written by: Rick Roberts 10/24/10

Long Beach, Calif.— David Voss’s Piranha dominated his competitive 10-boat Farr 40 class in a weekend challenged by changing wind conditions between Southern California storm systems. The regatta, named for legendary sailor Mike Campbell, was hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club with take-home trophies supplied by North Sails.

Saturday dawned with a steady drizzle over the area stopping shortly before the warning for the first race. The light breeze of 6-8 knots filled later in the day to 9-10 knots with the clouds parting briefly to let the sun shine down. Sunday showed about the same wind conditions but was sunny most of the day before the horizon darkened near the end of the day’s racing. The rain held off until after the trophy presentations.

Voss, president of the US West Coast Farr 40 class, finished the regatta four points ahead of second place but pointed out the class is closely matched. “You never know where you are going to finish in this Farr 40 fleet,” Voss said. “The fleet is very tight and my crew did a great job. The crew is always the key to winning and they did it for us this weekend.”

Voss announced that the Farr 40 class intends to sail the Campbell Cup next year as part of their championship series. “We had a class meeting last night,” Voss said, “and decided we are expanding our series. Next year’s Campbell Cup will be the eighth race in our West Coast Season Championship Series.”

Ray Godwin’s Temptress, a local favorite, finished second in the Farr 40 class and has been making great improvements in their performance over the last year and enjoys sailing in this fall regatta. “This is probably the best finish we’ve had this year,” Godwin said, “ and this is a fun regatta. We dodged the kelp and kept fighting for position. The first race today we lost control of our spinnaker and brushed against Far Niente. We decided do our [penalty] turn with the spinnaker up, but that didn’t turn out too well. It cost us time at the finish.”

Godwin placed second in the last race but almost had a problem making the start. “The battery on our radio went dead and we didn’t know the race committee had changed the starting sequence [starting the Farr 40 class ahead of the West Coast 70 class]. We looked up and saw everyone charging for the line at about a minute before the start and got up to the line just in time.”

The regatta namesake, Mike Campbell, was a huge supporter of big boat racing. He owned and raced a series of sleds including his most recent, the Tim Kernan-designed 70-foot Peligroso. In October 2006 he sponsored a 70s regatta at LBYC, bringing together seven West Coast boats: Holua, Grand Illusion, Vicki, Skylark, Alchemy, Westerly and—of course—Peligroso. The regatta was not run in 2007 or 2008 because of the conflict with the Long Beach to Cabo San Lucas International Yacht Race. Mike passed away in mid-October of 2008 and the regatta resumed in 2009 as an appropriate tribute of the fall regatta that Campbell started in 2006.

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Position Boat Sail Skipper Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
1 Piranha 51483 David Voss CYC 3 1 4 1 3 12
2 Temptress 40050 Ray Godwin LBYC 2 4 2 6 2 16
3 Chayah 69 Oscar Krinsy/Chris Redman ABYC 6 2 1 4 4 17
4 Dark Star 80808 Jeff Janov CYC 1 3 DSQ-11 8 1 24
5 Skian Dhu 51044 Dirk Freeland SBYC 5 8 3 2 6 24
6 Far Niente 37 Frederic Scheer CYC 4 7 DNS-11 3 5 30
7 JoAnn 46957 Steve Murphy SlBYC> 10 9 6 5 7 37
8 Radical Departure 50060 Dennis Rosene/Joe Carter BYC 9 6 5 9 8 37
9 White Knight 888 Zoltan Katinszky CBYC 8 5 8 7 9 37
10 Ohana 40031 Tosh Neminsky DPYC 7 10 7 10 10 44